Idea: Port Grid Pie To Duplex?

At the time of this writing Grid Pie is ~500 lines of code. 100 of those is view builder stuff. Another 100 for MIDI Mapping and Menu hooks. So, like ~300 lines of Grid Pie.

As an aside, I actually tried to convince Danoise to come to Montreal for Music Hack Day so that Grid Pie would be in Duplex from the beginning. The problem I had with doing it myself is that I never used Duplex. I only had 24 hours to do Grid Pie. I didn’t want to spend 23 of them figuring out a framework I hadn’t used yet and botch my chances of finishing a hack.

If someone were to port it to Duplex, I could probably help maintain it?

(Pushing everybody else to the side) I’LL DO IT!!

damn, too late.