Idea : Renoise Dj

Would it be a idea to make a tool for realtime mixing in renoise?
I’m not a programmer at all but I would love to see such a feature.
Vinyl control would be a must , so would be usb controller support.

I mean, there are a lot of this programs, but everything is expensive and even now I
have buyed a well known djing program that works well I have a few points why it would
be great to have such a thing in renoise.

renoise is cheap in price.
stable as hell
cpu friendly
multi platform.
vst support

everything is there already , would just have to be expended trough xrni tools!
Anyone?! :)

renoise already supports alot of usb controllers(if not most out there),and it is already (i think im not a dj)possible to "dj"with renoise

Yes , but you can’t scratch with controllers inside renoise , or prelisten a track trough a 2nd output .
Also timecode vinyl is not supported.
Ofcourse I could a kind of dj in renoise, but not do the real thing like with serato and things like that.
It would be more of ableton live situation ( which I not prefer).
so till this moment I still need a separate solution as can I not normally dj with renoise.

It depends on your ASIO card and its outputs. You can assign specific outputs on the card to a specific track towards your headphones. You could use a send-device to mix-fade a track to your generic master-send or simply mute the send to prelisten on the ASIO output that you routed the track itself to. Perhaps a bit cumbersome to set up, but not impossible.

im not really into all that dj stuff,but IMHO renoise isent your typical dj-app,and i dont really want it to be(IMHO)

Vv : I will try it out , I have a multi in/out asio card for my normal setup.
It should work as I always use it too when I work in Renoise.

S-N-S : Different people, different needs. Renoise has not have to change, it would bother me too maybe,
but since scripting makes for people outside the renoise staff possible to make stuff up, I thought I suggest.
Again, my post is not to change renoise, but just to suggest a tool .

Go get yourself a pair of 1210’s and some time-coded vinyl setup for your digital songs ;)

I already have 2 1210’s , vestax pmc 05, vestax vci 100 & mixvibes dvs 7 .
But if I could do my mixes with renoise I would do it.

I don’t believe that Renoise needs to become an all purpose DJ tool, BUT I would love to see cueing support via another output.

I find it to be essential for more experimental live performance.

If songs could be opened up in tabs, like you can do with sites in your browser, have some kind of crossfader to mix in between tabs, you have instant dj win!

yeah but would take alot of cpu thoug(IMHO)but then people would just have to upgrade to a better laptop :panic:

yeah you would have to keep that in mind when constructing stuff for live sets, also loading up a new song in a tab could cause the audio stream to freeze which isn’t nice when you’re trying to maintain a groove. I wouldn’t mind having the option though.

would be nice,and yeah,preparation of live-sets would be essential(is that even a word…=)

A dj feature in renoise would only be interesting if it would be low cpu application.
To me at least, I do all my music on a netbook , dj-ing too.
Mixvibes is not that low on the cpu when using timecode vinyl.