[idea(s)] crop sample to pattern editor selection length

Something for the scripters :slight_smile:

I’d like a way to quickly crop a samples length according to the selection (amount of lines selected) in the pattern editor. Of course it would only crop the sound if the selection made is < the actual sample length. This would be an alternative way of cutting a sound, sorta like to using the ‘beats’ ruler (in relation with the lpb setting) in the sample editor.


  1. Select a sample in the instrument list.

  2. Make a vertical selection in the pattern editor.

  3. Press keyboard shortcut (or hit process button in gui?) .

  4. Cropped result (either overwriting selected sound, or shortcut for new instrument) B)****.

5 Bonus points for a gui with slider to determine the starting point in the sample (lines/ms what have you).

10 Bonus points for rendering in silence until the end of the selection if a sound is < pattern selection.

Right now you could enter a sample inside the pattern editor, make a selection range and press ‘render to sample’ shortcut. This is cool for a few sounds, but gets tedious trying to sync a batch of samples quickly getting rid of redundant tails.

Variation bonus;

Having an instrument’s length correlate to pattern length, so the selection position in the pattern editor will determine the start/end cut in the sample, could be handy for beatsynced samples.