Idea: Song Variation Analysis

Think I’m gonna make this for myself to force myself to be a bit more creative / create more ‘amazing’ songs (most things I make right now are kinda repeating beats… great for rappin but some are too dull without lyrics :D)
would build up a stats text upon no of patterns used, repeating, repeating slot mute states, automation variation etc.
anyone interested in this?

How would you determine variation? Do some cross correlation analysis with preset structures? Would be nice if it could insert variation or convert to ‘insert genre’, bet it would sound like shit though :wink:

I’ve been thinking some time ago about variation analysis for melodies.
It would be histogram of predecessors and consequents. It would be matrix with MIDI note number in rows and note number of predecessor in column. Algorythm would be scanning each note in melody and would increase appropriate element of matrix. Then resynthesis would be done. For random beginning note, most probable consequent would be get from the matrix.
It would be totally awesome to scan lots Jarre or Vangelis melodies and then calculate and get new their-like melodies from the matrix.
It would be useful at planning a piece to see which combinatins were used more or less often too.
If you are thinking about similar analysis for whole track, then you have my blessing for it and +1.