Idea: Tool To Use Midiplugins

i tried some different ways to get midiplugins work with midi joke and vsthost ( )
but i lost :(

maybe there is a way with duplex? i know it is for controller but i got the idea, maybe its possible to handle midiplugins like midicontrollers - is there a way?

or is it possible to make a tool, which is able to receive the output of a midiplugin and send it to an instrument like a midi device in or to handle the midiplugin like a mididevice

or maybe with osc?

unfortunately i know nothing about lua so i just ask here, hope its not annoying…

it would be a great feature to run plugins like catanya…


Sorry, can’t be done - this would need to be a native solution.

Only workaround I can think of is to run something like a small VST/external program which is capable of hosting the MIDI plugin, and then using virtual MIDI cables to route the notes from Renoise into that plugin, and then send the result back to (specific) instrument(s) in Renoise. But you’d probably suffer from the timing issues that MIDI has (take a few pills against seasickness before composing!)

you can run external vst host energyXT as a vst instrument inside Renoise

Yep, EnergyXT is capable of this. Unfortunately, no love for Renoise instruments - but if one can live without that, it’s an OK compromise.

I’ve caught the ctrlr bug pretty heavily, It’s a damn shame that vsts inside of renoise can not send MIDI out natively. How far off is this capability? I tried the energyXT solution - kinda lame workaround… sure it does the trick but lame. Renoise should be capable of this w/o help from other apps.

Yes, I agree.


i just got sysex messages sending out of a vst instance of ctrlr to my juno 2, while renoise is triggering notes simultaneously…

is that the kind of thing you are after? i just posted my experiment findings over here:

(see last post…)