[Idea] Track As An Arpeggio Pattern (Motif)

One of the biggest advantage from the yamaha motif workstation is that you can create an arpeggio from a recorded sequence.
That’s the reason why the guys from yamaha named it “motif”.

There was only one approach to do that in a daw the “interactive phrase synthesizer” but it was too difficult for most of the users and so it disappeared in 2006 form Steinbergs cubase.

My simple idea is to define the chord of a Track for example Cmaj7 and transpose it in real time into chords played on the master keyboard. It must be horizontal and vertical for bass lines, piano chords, guitar chords… …transpose a whole musical “motif”. A chord sequencer instead of real time playing on a master keyboard would also help to arrange complex musical ideas.

Sorry for my bad English and thanks for reading about my brainchild.

have a nice weekend