Ideal screensize/resolution for renoise 3.1?

with my awkward oldschool IBM T60 1200x800 (15.4) sometimes giving me a headache. while renoise is fitting perfectly into the 16:10 square almost every plugin gui doesnt fit in at all. the lower bottom is always cut off at the bottom and needs to be dragged upwards to make the keyboard of the instrument visible. whats annoying for the workflow is that the vst cant be played after this right away but needs a click on the keyboard to generate a tone with that then everything works normal again and can be played via the keyboard. is this the normal behavior or just an inexperienced user?

my girl has an hp envy 16:9 (15.4) with 1920x1080 resolution which she allowed me to install renoise. this seems to work better to fit larger vst gui in since there is more space. what bothers me now is that the text and fonts are almost hardly readable. it seems to small now while on 1200x800 renoise pretty much looked perfect for my eyes, which might be bad and need some glasses. B)

so the question is which screensize/resolutions are you guys rocking with renoise and how does the large vst gui work on that?

Until taktik update Renoise for high resolutions, I would say that the best option is the one that gives you more space to work, without damaging your eyesight.

It seems that Renoise has strong roots with low resolutions. I’m talking about 15 "laptops or something like that.If you see its distribution on the screen, it fits on a low resolution screen, which will cause many dead spaces if you use a very high resolution monitor (2k or higher). In the latter case, as you have a lot of space, not taking advantage of all the space is not very important.

I would say that, currently, the indeal resolution is the HD (1920x1080) at least. Then, increase the font of the pattern editor and play with the spaces in the preferences. If the menus look too small for you, there is a little trick to increase your fonts a little.

Renoise has a GUI based on pixels, the text boxes are fixed, they are not adaptable. A good example to compare this is Ableton 10. Your vector GUI is a good example of what Renoise could be. I just hope that the fact of making tools is not a burden for Renoise to continue evolving.

But in your case, I would say that the problem is not Renoise 3, but your screen is too small (resolution too low). And I’ve always thought that to make the most of Renoise, the higher the resolution (the height dimension), the better the monitor (at least 2K). Hopefully Taktik is working on this. We know absolutely nothing about his recent plans.

Regarding the VSTi, I have seen some even adaptable in various sizes (as Spire), but I would say that they are more oriented to HD screens, which seems to be the most widely used and accessible resolution for all.If your screen is less than 1080 high, you may have problems with many VSTi, which will go out of the screen.It will depend a lot on the VSTi you use, if they are very old or recent. For example, if you use Kontakt Player, I recommend an HD resolution…

I use two HD (2x 1920x1080) screens with a tower type PC.I use two HD screens with a tower type PC. I have a laptop to test with Renoise (especially when I build tools), but I feel a bit clumsy precisely because I have a little work space.

Make a reflection. Compare the height of 800, 1080, 1440 pixels, or more…Maybe for you a 27" HD screen (1920x1080) would be fine.With the same resolution you will see things somewhat larger compared to a 24" screen.The worst would be to use a very high resolution on small screens. This does not make sense to me.

the 1200*800 resolution works pretty good for me regarding the renoise gui itself. what doesnt work at all is the vst gui / rescaling, for example the arturia buchla is a total overkill and in no way resizeable. even on the 1080p envy it doesnt really work properly, it just seems way too large. another would be the smaller aalto vst which is also too large so its above the keyboard and needs to be dragged upwards first. the last one isnt a too big vst gui at all and seems to work just fine in other applications:

4. Rescaling VST plugins - High resolution monitors will shrink VST plugin interfaces. NOTE: To ensure the plugin always loads with the correct GUI settings, make afavorite presetafter setting these options:

1. Rescale FL Studio - There are a pair of additional executable files in the FL Studio installation folder,FL64 (scaled).exeandFL (scaled).exe. These will submit FL Studio and VST plugins to the Windows scaling and should simplify plugin management. The tradeoff is FL Studio may look slightly blurry, particularly on displays 17" or larger. OR

2. Change display resolution - If you are using a high resolution (e.g. 3840x2160) on a relatively small display such as a laptop (14-17"), set the screen resolution to something like 1920x1080 or 2560x1440. You probably won’t notice much change in image quality, and plugin scaling issues will be solved.

so fruity has a rescaling option for this issue and if remembering right the new ableton version having a similar feature.

ok the buchla is actually resizeable and with the lowest setting 50% its pretty small and hard to read all parameters also this is just the main gui which can be expanded with an upper window and a own keyboard beneath, so then its still gui overkill on the T60 with low resolution. and also still above the renoise keyboard even with the shrinked gui version. guess we need to find the sweet spot here like raul said.

so whats the sweet spot for you and your eyes here 15inches 1080 or 17 or even 14inches (which would be way to small for me to read)?

so after spending the day with some research on this. every daw we know about has this topic in their forums too. it seems like the overall vst gui is getting bigger and BIGGER while the monitor resolution is getting finer. basically that seems the problem here. not much to do about it for now except to find the sweet spot which works for you. also if some gui get too larger, there will be others becoming too smal too, if the resolution is being increased. I would call this a vst dilemma or similar.

right now I would say as the 1200800 is working pretty good for me using renoise, my sweet spot might be a modern 1600900 with a 15 or even 17iinch screen. but thats for renoise, for my plugs I would actually need something bigger and finer like 20inches with 1080p (1920*1080) at least to make them fit, even with the instrument window detached. so my plug in monitor needs to be bigger than the daw laptop. this still bums me somehow but it is like it is. would be cool to get some other thoughts on this.

Renoise worked well for me on a 17" laptop with a 1920x1080 display (I sit closer to a laptop screen than to a desktop display). It also was very usable on a 24" monitor in the same resolution. I switched to a 27" display with 2560x1440 and everything is (for me) unusably small or blurred (if Renoise is scaled). From my view, anything up to 1080p is fine.