Ideas For A Native Ringmod Device

I can not promise that we’ll do this, but I was quickly thinking about this and asked myself:

How should a RingMod device in Renoise look like?

Beside the standard controls

Frequency [HZ]
Amount [dB or linear?]

what else could we offer as controls to make it more interesting?
Frequency, Amount modulation can be easily done via LFO devices, so we dont need internal LFOs imho.

Triggering Notes instead of Freq in HZ could be be dope, but how could that work?

As I have seen other people suggest, if there were to be a meta device that took note frequency data and sent it to a targeted parameter similarly to the velocity device, that would solve itself if I’m not misunderstanding what you’re after…

Perfect device for a “more cowbell” easter egg?

Kind of. Its not easy to map Notes to a Hz value slider if you want the get same notes again as result.

The idea of a device that sends notes to parameters sounds particularly sweet :) I’m thinking along the lines of being able to cater for many different scales as well, perhaps something with a load of presets to represent them, e.g. gamelan, chromatic, whole tone, pentatonic etc. Another idea would be a retrigger device that operates in Hz too.

When you say it’s hard to get the same notes, is this because the pitch of the original audio will change too?

Two things that might come in handy are:

Stereo separation. SoundForge has this one implemented nicely. It works like a phase shift in the modulator wave for one of the channels, 0% meaning the waves are in phase for both channels, and 100% means 180 degrees phase shift for one of them.

Inertia setting, as in the filter devices.

Inverse Sawtooth would be good, too.

I like the idea of the Frequency having an additional ‘finetune’ parameter that would be added to the ‘coarse’ frequency, so you could have ‘coarse’ set to 0hZ, and ‘fine’ set to 6 LPC or whatever for syncing the rate to the tempo like you can with the LFO device…?

I guess it could be useful to have a ‘reset’ button like the LFO device also, or is this going too far?

EDIT: hmm… I suppose that frequency idea of mine is fairly useless since you could do all that with a gainer and LFO device…

+1 !

+1 for both inertia (for the frequency I guess?) and phase shifting. :)

Taktik: It’s gotta have a floor, like the gate.

For the freq thing you’ll need buffering and hence delay will be produced. I’ve some hardware effects that do this and it’s the same complex architecture that does pitch shifting (i.e. not easy).

yeah phase shifter in advance to ringmod would be nice :)

what about some wovel as well inside, and perhaps some “auto mode” that detects samples timbres and change position of ring modulation of a detected phrase… something similar to mda vocinput “tracking” and talkbox fx…
tracking mode tracks the sound and automates the frequency of the modulator…

sorry for a bad english, i hope you got the idea…

How about an option to modulate left channel with right channel? You could play a sine melody on left for example and let it modulate some sounds on right channel.

An option for audio / sidechain input instead of lfo generated would be nice.

And, talking about sidechain, a vocoder is missing.