Ideas for spectrogram view

Here are some ideas for the spectrograph view.

  • At fast speed, it currently flickers quite a lot (macos), which makes reading a bit unpleasant. But only fast speed gives good resolution, that’s why I would like suggest also a “super fast” mode - without flickering. Flickering could be compensated with a more clever scrolling algorithm.

  • I think at high speed the vertical resolution is faked (performance reasons?). Would be nice to have more resolution.

  • There could be a little “threshold” slider on top of the spectrogram, so everything above threshold can get a radically different color, e.g. green for normal, reds for above. So you could nicely see which frequency areas are too crowded. The threshold should respect the selected slope factor (wait, or should it NOT respect the slope factor? since the headroom is statical)

  • There could be pattern start indicators on the left scrolling, maybe just horizontal lines

  • User definable color transition, e.g. for white background themes. In config file.

  • Peak fall looks very handsome, but I doubt somehow if it is useful for spectrogram…? I think no peak fall time at all is best for the precision? Also it would be nice to have an extra “spectrogram peak fall” submenu instead, so it doesn’t mess up the frequency analyzer settings

Please continue with your thoughts about it.