Ideas: Improving pattern midi automation

Here is an idea how the midi automation problems could be solved (EDIT: see also idea 2):

Use two track fx columns instead, so have 32 bit space:

    FX1  FX2
    M1E0 4800
    |  |   |
  Cmd  |   |
     Delay |

Extra benefit: Using multiple midi automation at once, e.g. aftertouch + pitchbend, by using 4 columns of fx. Saves one track column of space for sake of one fx column.

Disadvantage: Would it be a serious problem, if this midi commands were applied to any instrument playing in that line (assuming you are using multiple instruments in one and the same track)? You couldn’t have individual midi commands per instrument before either.

Any better ideas?

Ok, the above lacks of midi channel info/instrument number.

IDEA 2, maybe BEST :moyai:

Move the midi data to the note fx column, and writing nothing anymore to the track fx column. No more decoupling can appear. Even if it is not really per note, this also could be handy if you ever wanted to support MPE etc.


  • MPE compatible
  • multiple midi commands via multiple track columns with instr. number only
  • commands appear next to the note, looks sexy