ideas to get a repeater performance down

(The Empty Self) #1

i just wanted to discuss what are the best guys to get down a performance specially when you trigger a automated parameters

the repeater its a bit hard to control since its kinda like (on hold mode)

so when i have it press on my keyboard i get the correspondent repeat

but i can program or even record just the divisor

the mode also need to be programated ?

how you go about programming the repeater !!!

i was streaming this today when i tried the repeater thing !!!

(dblue) #2

Here’s another thread from earlier this year where I give a brief explanation of the Repeater and its parameters.

(beatsgo) #3

I may post up my Repeater Doofer that applies the concept what’s mention in the dblue but with a “PERMUT8” memory hold.

…and I just posted it up today

(zensphere) #4


I usually just use live right clicks and clean up the timing in automation after. Been using the repeater a lot lately, and while it takes a bit to get your head around it, is pretty simple to wrangle into shape when you understand how it works. Mode turns it on and off, divisor sets the tempo for repeats. You have to automate them in conjunction.