Tell me what you guys think, lots of those Korg samples came in real handy when I was on my epiphany. If there’s a chip community in renoise let me know, I’d like to get some awesome friends out there!

That was fun. A lot of chip shred going on. I have trouble being that melodic in renoise. What Korg samples are your referring to? Great ending.

Thanks so much mate, btw your stuff is pretty monstrous! As to the Korg(MS20) samples:

  1. Go to Instr (right below the instrument panel)
  2. On the default file location there should be a folder elements.
  3. Go there and there should be different MS20 chips of Sine, Triangle, Saw, and my personal favorite Square!
  4. There you can click a pull down of the range set for the chip that you need.

Cheers :slight_smile: