[IDM, Ambient, Downtempo] Keiss - Long Forgotten

There are memories in all of us. And you’ve got them. Memories of last meeting, station platform receding into the distance, melancholy of missing somebody, needless talks and words that were never said.
Time deadens pain and fear, and your memories become warm and slightly sad. After a time you can think they’re going to die away, but they’ll never leave you alone.

6 pieces of IDM melancholia by Stas Kovalev, good friend of mine from cold Arkhangelsk, Russia. Have a nice listen!


  1. A Chance Meeting
  2. Ridden with Fear
  3. Dim Recollection
  4. Infinite Path
  5. The White Sea
  6. There won’t be Happy End

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Thanks for sharing !!
This is some nice music. :)

Nice tunes.

Is this just Renoise? Did you use vst’s or only samples and internal dsps?

Nice to know you like it :)

The only DAW is Renoise, but yes, there are some VSTs as well. Sylenth1 and Synth1 to name a few.
I should notice I’m not the author of these tunes! The author is Keiss. I’m just sharing his music on forums, because he doesn’t have enough time to do it, and I think his music is too awesome to pass unnoticed :)

Thanks a lot Tom de Rooy. :D
In this album, 04_Infinite path and 05_The White Sea written without any vst’s only internal DSP and samples, you can check it the white sea.xrns.
In other tracks I used mainly VST: TAL-DUB-II, EpicReverb, 2C-Aether. VSTi: NI Massive (03_Dim Recolection), Synth1, CamelAlchemy in other tracks. Yes, and I very often use the standard library of samples Renoise.
Best regards. :walkman:

Thanks for sharing the song!

Always nice to see the xrns in action for learing etc.

Could you please upload 04_Infinite path too? Would be awesome.


Yes, I can. But it will happen a little later, as I now have no source files, the exact laptop on which it is present as a xrns. Haha, it’s a long story, I’ll let you know as soon as I can. :rolleyes:

I should say that Infinity path was written in September 2011 for Renoise Competition # 7 and was called “Начало пути.xrns”. In 2013 I rewrote the drum section and changed the track name. :drummer:/>