[idm/lounge] keiss - The White Sea

Greetings to you, dear participants Renoise forum. I am a new person here, so I wanted to tell a little bit about yourself. I am using Renoise since 2010, before that I worked with Fast Trecker II and Scale Tracker. In many ways, I studied to the works of such masters as Keith303, Hunz, Radix, Level-D, Purple Motion.
Suggest to explore one of my tracks in the genre of idm / lounge called “The White Sea” written in Renoise 2.8.1 without using VST. As well attaching will to it xrns file. I would be happy with the feedback you. Thank you for your attention. :walkman:/>/>/>

Link to download xrns file: rc10-keiss-the white sea.xrns

Hi Keiss, welcome to the forum :)
I’ve also extensively used Fast Tracker 2 in the past, then for some time I made a detour in sequencer-land, but ultimately my tracker-roots got to me again and now I’m completely hung up on Renoise. I’ve been using it for years now and can’t imagine making music without it ;)

You bring a unique interesting sound in your latest tracks on Soundcloud. Makes it impossible not to drift off and flow with the music… great stuff! I “liked” my favorites of your tracks on Soundcloud. Hope you keep producing!

Удачи с сочинением музыки ;)

Hi Xeryc / Inque ! :rolleyes:/>/>
Many thanks to you for your review. I am pleased to know that some of my projects of interest to you. I, in turn, listened to a lot of your projects on SoundCloud that I really liked. I became a follower of your account, and I will be happy to follow the new projects and to listen to the existing ones. Cheers! :drummer:/>/>