If I Posted A Link To A Remix Of A Beyonce Song...

…would I get in trouble?

Which track is it? I made a remix of Beyonce too!

Well actually I’m making a remix of “Crazy In Love” but a few days ago I managed to get hold of the glorious Beyonce vocals (solo) so I’m re-doing a lot of it.
It should be finished in about 3 weeks. :)

As long as you don’t make any money off it, I guess you don’t have much to fear.

Have you heard of that Richard dude aka “dsico”? He landed a record deal with his homebrewn remixing. :lol:

in the normal world you would just do a whitelabel …
make the song, press it on 1000 or something vinyl, no text or anything on the sleeve or the labels, and then sell them all at once to a major distributor or some mailorders. its a common thing.

Haha that’s the same track I did, I had the acapella a little while back, it was good fun to work with!

Maybe just release underground online? See what kind of buzz it generates. Like the f****ing brilliant Schleudertrauma… B)

Yeah, you know it!

Well shortly I’ll be pimping it big style on Kazaa and ed2k.
I also have a couple of good contacts in the “real world” who work in dance music shops.
If I try real hard I could also get it played in a D&B club near me on a Friday, which is visited by legends such as Grooverider. :)

Anyway, here’s a short beta version preview:


Hmm…over the weekend I listened hard to it then decided that it actually sucked so just now I put together some patterns and created a short, rough “song” by turning the tracks on and off manually.

The previous remix sounded quite happy, this one actually turns a pop song into something sounding depressing :( …with a stupid amount of sub-bass. :D