If I Try Demo Of Renoise 2.8 Will It Overwrite My Renoise 1.9?

Straightforward question, if i try out the demo of Renoise 2.8 will it effect my Renoise 1.9 installation in any way - I don’t want to mess things up with the old version, for example wav export etc… if I don’t decide to buy Renoise 2.8 i want to make sure the Renoise 1.9 still remains fully functional and unaffected in any way… I’m wondering if .dll files get replaced in the system directory which could mess up my Renoise 1.9 installation?

Yep, I haven’t upgraded for a long, long time… I want to try the demo out first too, before buying the new version, because I’m using Win XP SP2 so I need to make sure it works correctly before dipping into my wallet.

it’s ok to install both, nothing will go ‘wrong’ , it’s never a bad idea to make back-ups (in general), happy 2.8

Renoise version always install side by side so you can install as many as you like. All previous versions are also available from Backstage if you have a valid licence ;)

No Renoise 2.8 won’t install across any previous versions, not even the illegal versions ;)

greaaat… thanks for the info… i’m gonna give it a try, with backups included… lol

Cool, well it’s been a while but I’m trying to seriously get back into production again so I visited the site after a long spell away and was kinda shocked that the current version had evolved all the way up to 2.8! Time flies man. :)

Cool, thanks for the info. I’m sure I have a valid license because Renoise came with the computer when I bought off Ebay and it was sold as all legal software, it came with Sound Forge, Magix, some VSTs and a bunch of other stuff. And it was a Star Seller so I’m sure its legal. But I didn’t get Backstage pass details to log in, I didn’t know anything about it back then so didn’t ask for it. But anyway, I’m 99% sure I’ll be buying Renoise 2.8, just need to try the demo and watch some user videos of it, I’m sure stuff’s available on YouTube.

This is probably no fault of your own, but this is highly suspicious. Please check the private message/email that I’ve just sent you.