If Only I Coulda Done This In Mario Paint

Prepare for cheezy lofi rave:
http://codeitude.com/lib/plugins/mp3/mp3.swf?&song_url=http://www.codeitude.com/robosecks/BYTE-Smasher%20-%20IT%20Pro%20Mania.mp3BYTE-Smasher - IT Pro Mania

No luv for this one, eh? Oh wells… I did it for the lulz :P

massive luv for this :)
and massive lulz!

gonna make this my alarm clock for tomorrow morning. will totally get me going.

i love it!
one for the ipod. people on the train will think i’m nuts. :)

i love the yoshi sound the best.

cheers dude.



nice. I liked…made me luagh.

awesome :D

:panic: at the end i was imagining fireworks in the sky blasting to the final beats and thought of the fireworks at the castles in mario then the little mario jingled played

Haha… nice :yeah: