If Renoise Is The Product Name Who's The Business

I must confess but when i first saw Renoise I thought it was by NI, just the look of the knobs/sliders

anyway, is the company name Renoise too? I find it odd.

afaik, there is no “company” in the traditional sence behind it. but i guess taktik, it-alien & co. can make a more official answer to the question :P

The exact official answer can be found on the imprint:

There’s actually a company that was bought for $5 :)

Thing is…

Why do you care? It is a product made by humans which is very very good.

the imprint doesnt really say much as to whether its a company or not. but it doesnt look like one.

if there isnt a company entity then there really should be one.

to start with the dev’s personal taxes would be alot smaller, with stuff like pc equipment, electricity, gas etc being claimed as expenses in ways that go beyond just a personal deduction. cos remember the more comfortable the devs life the better our renoise :P

it would also help with retaining more funds for the development of renoise since any good lawyer/accountant could help you shave off quite a nice chunk of your taxes out of each liscence sold. and with the increased interest in renoise this is something you really ought to think about.

at the same time an entity actually affords renoise more protection than an individual name. should anything happen in the future that might threaten renoise, a corporate entity, even a paper one actually has a better chance of fighting than a person.

finally, a corporate partnership between the principle devs would ensure continuity should something happen to one of them. how many great pieces of software just stopped cos it wasnt profitable for the devs who had growing expenses what with kids, medical bills etc ?

i’m neither a lawyer nor an accountant, but i have founded my own lil offshore holding company so if the devs have any questions you lot know where to find me :P