If The Communu#ity Grew Would It Suck?

so yeah, was just wondering…the community here as iv mentioned before is close and im very much down with it so to speak. what im wondering is however, would this still be the case if renoise grew to be the size of say reason or whatever…? like would this forum be even worth visiting?

i wonder as i like it very much how it is and im thinking would it all just go to shit. curious as to what the maker-men think to this/these suggestions…what do you guys envisage?

cheers for your time like. im curious.

As I registered in early 2002 as DopeFish I can say that the support in this board has always been great. And the support here stays that way. I think of this community as one big fellowship somehow. There are sometimes some weird posts but on the other hand there’s no better renoise-support anywhere.

More (regged) users mean more acceptance for trackers. IMHO tracking is the only way (aside from playing live) to create music.


This thread reminds me of an email I once got years ago, from a known artist who will remain nameless :) …He wrote that I should stop namedropping Renoise on the internet , as he felt this was a program that belonged to a select few. Focking lol, it wasn’t that he was afraid that the forum community would grow large, but that more people would have access to this awesome app. Imo the more the merrier.

It’s irrelevant how much people are willing to support the app. If the program really gets big the number of newbies asking one and the same question all over again and the lack of patience of the regulars responding to those questions grows exponentially.
That’s what happened to the FL Studio community on their own corporate forums. What happened after that is that a single individual took the time to create a new and intelligent forum outside of the official one where all the “oldtime” users gather and chat about everything like in the days Looptalk was a cool community.
Just commenting. :)

Sqeets has a point, and a fantastic avatar and sig (Lenore&old skinny puppy?), but I still doubt the forum will change much. I’m new here, and the 1.9 upgrade seemed to bring in quite a bit of users.

There are some people in this forum who is performing a leading role, as frequent forum users/great musicians using renoise and doing it well. I see forum as synonom to community here, and the most active posters are really great.

A few of you have answered already, I suspect more will come up with interesting points.

thx, but no, it’s not Lenore. :) I drew it myself and enhanced it a bit with Paint Shop. Here is where it’s from. Just like with the symbol.
[/OT] :)

Hmm…the guy’s got a point, but at the same time being totally ignorant about the commercial aspect of the software. The dev’s need a constant flow of registered users to finance the development, simple as that.

I’ve seen software support communities cave in on themselves before, but that was only really because the software was vapourware. I mean, the main players in the community had conflicting egos, which is why it became divided in the first place, but I see conflicting egos as something that happens in every community… if the cause to unite is great enough however, new people will replace those that have left, and hopefully egos will become less of an issue as time goes on.

And, in my honest opinion, the more the merrier! :D (JOIN #RENOISE)

I think it would be healthy for this board (and the renoise community) to grow “a little”.
This board is Extremely slow, and thats an understatement. (And no, it does not matter if you like it slow or not).

By asking if this board will even be worth visiting if there were more users is like saying; will renoise be worth using if there were more developers working on it.
There would ofcourse be signs of (and there already are signs of) elitism on this board if more users signed up to it. And that would probobly be the only reason not to visit this forum.

Trackers are dying… and i know some of you are going to try to prove me wrong, but lets face it;
Fruityfail has a larger userbase than renoise. And that says something.

We should all try hard to expand the userbase for this software, there is nothing wrong with input and opinions.
I know the admins/developers agree because that would mean more $ in their pockets ;)

Also, i think this topic is f****ing stupid and should get deleted so that we dont scare away the not registered ones.

Less talk, better music, and better mixing thanks.


well now i am scared :wink:

i shall think before i post again :-p