If Your Neighbours Annoy You -annoy Them Back!

Hi @all!
This is a weird drumtrack I created with Renoise while my neighbours threw a party that was louder than a live -concert from AC/DC. Unfortunately they didnt play AC/DC-songs on that party or at least anything half-bearable ![:(](https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/sad.gif) .It was too loud to sleep so I spend the night with Renoise and some shabby old drumsamples. The results are there now and I dont know what to do with the track. Delete it? Add some melody-instruments? Cut it into small pieces and put it in my sample-library? :huh:
Any help is appreciated.You can download it here:
my files


I tried to click the “my files”-link but this popped up…


Die gewünschte Internet-Seite ist nicht erreichbar. Überprüfen Sie bitte die Adresse oder versuchen
Sie es später noch einmal.


Okay, let me translate:

That means: I’m blond, tall and sexy and I’m searching for a guy whos name is dufey. Call 404 to get in touch with me.

haaaahaaa, what a great joke, simply kill me.

It’s a 404, the synth which came after the 303. AAAAHAhahaha, another one, I’m so fabulous!

No, the problem is that I’m still alive actually. Won’t somebody shoot me, please?

And one single serious sentence: Yes, it’s an error 404, the file is missing and I experianced the same here.


you rok gilli… :lol:

Are you sure? I get the same 404 as the other guys.

error error

I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I get an error.

You do? I get:

i can tell a lil seekret…i got dload that track and it was quit boring…sound like 2 pattern drum loop where other was played backwards… :confused: