If You'Ve Got Spambots Adding You On Msn

My Windows Live Messenger account just got hacked due to weak password. I should’ve seen it coming, as I was getting added by a bunch of spam bots for about month beforehand… I should’ve realized someone may have been trying to brute force my password.

Just a heads up… the fuckers deleted my contact list and everything, among spamming everyone on the list.

every day i get mails from the Canadian Pharmacy with an IP from China

and i get them from my own e-mail, so I cannot consider it Spam or i’m saying my e-mail spams

i had to mark as spam some words like Viagra

but now they send it as an image, not text

it’s amazing that there are people that fall into this, or that kind of email that cames from a country in Africa promissing a lot of money

Lol I have it too…robots just want to have sex with me I guess. :o

My mood right now:

Microsoft support has yet to reinstate my contact list :(

It is not always weak passwords what gets your account hacked, the ral danger is on those sites where you have to fill in your msn account and password in order to get goodies in trade for them to get your contactlist (so they can spam your contacts).
But ofcourse, your password will be abused for hijacking your account.

And if goodie-trickery doesn’t fool you, a simple hosts file injection on your windows to reroute your access to windows live .com to a fraud site that impersonates the site is good enough as well. (Unless your browser’s phishing protection intercepts it)

I’m not that gullible

I accept most random adds. As soon as I get a random or spammy message I delete and block. Do occasional try and go through my MSN contacts but probably only know who a quarter of them are. Hardly use it to be honest and never put my password in…

This ruined my entire fucking day… I swear man, malicious hacking is akin to rape.

… and I don’t mean to insult those have been raped… I’m just sayin, it feels like I’ve been violated