Iggy & The Stooges - Search And Destroy ( Avalanche Remix )

Hello Renoise community !

Here is a track I spent much time on, because on one hand it’ s Iggy, and on the other hand I would like to make a cool sounding track for once…

So any advice/tip would be very helpful ! And don’ t be afraid to be harsh, it will be even more useful. I don’ t consider the track finished yet, but I would like a neutral hearing to make a better job.

And by the way I only used Renoise for this one, the new tools are so awesome ( really love the beat slicer ) !


Hi Avalanche, I’m definatly not an expert on this stuff yet but personally I would’ve put less side-chain on the vocals at some points if that where possible, and also worked a bit with the synthesizers(flangers, distfilters, aso.). Also otherwise, The sound overall is nice but sometimes it lacks a bit in pulse in my opinion, mabye, since I’m guessing you’re a fan of the (sorta)new side-chaining stuff .), you could add some more side-chained backups, whitenoise perhaps?, looking forward to hear it in it’s completion.

the vocals are offset and sound kind of “late” at times imo. knowing the original well i kind of got thrown off because of that. i guess you didn’t want to preserve the phrasing of the original? the last part sounds tacked on.

i dig the choices of sounds you got going. reminds me of jackson and his computer band a bit in some places. i lilke that! (=

Hi, thanks for your answers they have been very useful ! I updated the track on the first message, but I sucked with the limiter so there is still too much sidechain on the vocals, and even if it is better than the last time it still lacks something I think… Could you help me to find out what please ?

One problem is that I have put too much sounds together so it is very messy, but I still would like to keep these lol. Do you think all these strange stuffs coming from nowhere sound bad ? Or does it sounds like Jackson, as Maes kindly said ?!

The other problem is on the vocals and the bass, I would like them to sound wider… I’ m working these with brainworx digital v2 ( stereo and mono EQs ) and it already sound better, but do you think it is a good idea ?

Finally, I would like my mix to sound loud, as much as modern electro tracks, but if I can manage to do that on other tracks by working with the dynamics, a limiter, and some filter/EQs, I can’ t make it on this one, I don’ t know why ! Does anybody have some tricks that doesn’ t include sending it to a sound engineer ?

Thanks for listening anyway !