ignore previously recorded automation values during second takes

If I have a pattern looping and a filter module on the track I wish to effect, I click the left mouse button and drag the slider for filter cutoff freq around to record those movements into an automation lane, but I am not happy with the first take, so I try to record the left click slider movements over the first ones, the slider jumps around all over the place.

It is affected by both the current left clicked slider movements and the old recorded slider movements from the first take in the automation lane.

My suggestion is that while record is on and a slider is being left clicked and moved (or the assigned midi knob is being moved while record is on), the values already recorded into the automation lane should be ignored by renoise to prevent the jumpy slider problem for second takes…

Of course the workaround is to delete any automation each new take and get it right first time…

I want that too!!!

I think it’s one of the reason I don’t mix in Renoise.

And also the automation lane as no visual reference… It would be nice to see the events-notes on the same line as the automation.

Two choices : put the referring track notes to the horizontal align with the automation OR put the automation verticale on the same window as the notes. Just like in Radium