Ignoring Track Velocities?

This might be for the Help, Support & Bugs category if it already is a thing but if it isn’t I guess it’s an Idea & Suggestion.

Is it possible to ignore the entered Track Notes velocities entered they’d already been entered, perhaps by checkbox or something similar without having to change the volume number after each note, copying the track for and edit or some other similar hack but just an effect or option to do so?

If you click the “Vol” toggle under the pattern editor, it will hide the velocity column for a specific track. This makes all notes trigger at maximum velocity. You can later show the volume/velocity column with all values retained.



I thought that that only just showed or hide them; thank you.

I am sure that in the sampler or VST you can turn Vel>Vol off - essentially stopping it responding to velocity but still having it on the track in case you want to switch between it on or off while drafting. Also, it means and Velocity Tracker automation isn’t broken.

Was working from memory, here is the link:


Confirms what I said, hope it helps.