IK Multimedia VSTi Group Buy

This seems a good deal: buy one VSTi for half the price, and get other three. These virtual instruments come with lots of samples.



Yes. Miroslav Philarmonik doesn’t seem to work with Windows 64 bit (Renoise thinks it’s an effect and not an instrument). However, you can use the samples with Sampletank. And I think it’s the samples that count.

I got this deal a couple of days ago when it was 50% off and 2 VI’s for free.

But this stuff is 32-bit only. I forgot to check that, and know I’m a bit disappointed.

I just messaged IK about that. There will be no 64-bit updates. Later this year they’ll release sampletank 3 which will have 64-bit support though.

I had trouble with Miroslav only. SampleTank works well with Renoise, but you must run Renoise as admin. The others I haven’t tried yet, but SampleMoog and SonicSynth opened correctly in Renoise. I didn’t test any sounds there yet because I haven’t downloaded them, but I guess they will work. Someone at the OpenMPT forums told be they got Miroslav working fine with Windows 7 64 bits.

For What It’s Worth, I ran Renoise as Administrator under Win 8 64-bit (32-bit Renoise) and I didn’t have any further issues with SampleTank or Miroslav. Will let you know if I have any other issues with other sets.

EDIT: I don’t seem to be able to figure out how to take advantage of the multi-timbral feature with these particular synths…