Il Sogno Di Jess (jess' Dream)

Here is the 2nd track i made with Renoise and first one I publish.

It’s not final, just because my speakers really suck (dont even know if they reach 10w, they have no middle freqs, tho) and I cant afford new and powerful ones.

If someone can tell me how does it sound on good speakers, would be nice… i mixed it in headphones xD

The track is 100% Renoise, no vst nor vsti.

Obviously critics, suggestions and some “Hell Yeah!” are welcome. =)

bye ^_^

very nice. I actually like very much how it evolves near the end, very “zappian” :) what should be improved in my opinion is the beginning, which needs some more variation; using drums samples instead of a loop would be also better

wowowoh… i’m growing moustaches!!! xD

Thank u.

Yes, the breakApache is a little bit monotone. Originally I used it 'cos I could make scratches following Renoise’s tut song… too lazy, then, to substitute it with a drum pattern of my own (i suck at writing drums same way as i suck on real ones!!! xDDD).

For “the beginning” are u meaning the first 4 bass beats, or those with the sitar too? :)

good stuff! starts breakin’

I like it, i agree with IT Alien though, a bit more variation wouldn’t go amiss on the drums, using the 0400 effects to create dynamically smaller drops on the drums. I like the scratching, but again, more variation would be good. There’s a really good one, before the trumpet melody in the end…tight.
The sitar sounds great, except for a few bits where it does sound sequenced.
All in all though, you’ve created a convincing Jazzy tune on a tracker…Well done.
I love the stabs.