I'm 21

now i can finally drink, and am currently doing so :D

why the fuck is the drinking age so high here?

Because drinking CAN ruin your life…

Congratulations though :yeah:

Hahaha, congratulations!

Hey Mushen. Congrats ;)

But didn’t you see “Superbad”? You could have a fake ID like McLovin had ;)

Nobody here believes you never had a drink the past 21 years, Mushen…

…or if you did wait, you’ve wasted a lot of time to get wasted. :)

You must be a big defender of law! It is totally forbidden here and everyone drinks from the age of 10!!

lol,im also 21…been drinking since i was 15 tho :P

(late) happy birthday.

Wow… so fun :rolleyes:


thanks :)

i’ve completely exhausted the thrill of making a legal alcohol purchase, which it turns out is non-existent

send me the xrns :walkman:

I think the “having a gun” policy there, is a bigger issue to have questions about ;)

that’s funny you mentioned that

there’s a section in my neighborhood where, in sequential order, there’s
a kids school
a gunsmith shop (was a santeria store for all your animal sacrificing needs)
a liquor store (on google street maps, its a grocery shop)
and across this block,
a troubled youth center for your run of the mill ghetto problems
and further up a block, the county jail

Optimistically, it is good that the kids’ school isn’t located at the middle!

Also, optimistically you get to choose from either a youth center or the county jail as your destination.

^^^ yes, and a kids store!

China’s been doing that for decades.
A market soon to be exploited in the West.

I wasn’t that serious!

Too late, I already ordered a 40ft container full of 'em.