Im Going To Be Dad

i just got told by my girlfriend that she is pregnant :D she was at the hospital earlier today,to get checked for something else,and she got told she was 4 months pregnant,maan i cant believe im going to be dad :w00t:

Congratulations :)

hehe thanx guys,man im sooo freaking full of all sorts of emotions,its freaky,but damn its the best news i have recieved in my life :panic:

Awesome! Congrats!

Now you can start making lullabies on Renoise. :walkman:

Congratulations dude :D

Wow, congrats. :)

Is she excited too?

thanx again guys,didnt get much sleep last night :D

yeah we are both very very excited,and both our families are very very supportive,so thats just amazing :w00t: :w00t:


Congratulations, mate!
It’s the best thing in the world to hold your own kid, I can tell you. My little daughter is almost 6 month old now, and albeit exhausting at times, nothing beats being a dad. It gives life a whole new sense.

The way you are describing your feelings at this state I am sure you will be an awesome dad!

You did the right thing to be a daddy!!!




I strongly suggest you try to write a lot of music in the next few months.

Congrats, man :)

well dont know how much i will be writing we have to move in the coming 1-2 months,and the baby is "scheduled"to the 16th of november,so theres ALOT of stuff that needs to be sorted :panic:

but man its exciting :drummer:

but i know we will raise our child with lots of love,passion and music :yeah:

Congratulations !
Your are victorious !

What about some baby gurgling samples ?

hehe not a bad idea hehe

Happy feeling for your future dadness. Great job!


Maybe make music like this:

Lullatone are a husband/wife pair, and have (at least) a child too.

Congratulations :rolleyes: :yeah: :w00t: :wacko: B) ^_^ :D :P :) :guitar: :drummer:

Nice! :yeah: