I'm happy to present you my first renoise song !

(Francky) #1

Hello everybody !

I’m a young artist who made music since few years on different d.a.w. and now I decided to work with Renoise. This is my first song I hope that you’ll enjoy it !


(Kaede) #2

Wow…shows you have experience using other daws. Good job!!

(Francky) #3


Thank you !

I had the chance to experience few other music softwares, but as I’m working with a Linux distributions, I had to change my game… So, I decided to choose “Renoise”. At the first time, as it doesn’t look like other software, it wasn’t easy at all… , but when I started to understand how it really works… damn ! And now, I start to think that Renoise is a very powerful software for music production. I’m pretty curious to see what it will done !

(RachmanEnough) #4

Yeah, I like the moody feeling and the overall groove, but in my opinion it misses a bass line.

(Francky) #5

Hello, Rachman

Thank you for your comment and I definitely agree with you. As started with Renoise, I didn’t know very well how to make a good bass line… so I my biggest challenge in the song making was to tried to make it without a bass line…

But Now, My skills in Renoise are better, and my next productions will have a great bass line !