I'm having a hard time finding the source of this sample?

This is the first song that I can recognize off the top of my head (nostalgia kek).

It’s that horn sample in the intro of the song. I’ve also heard it in a bunch of dance and hip hop songs (none that I can recall off the top of my head), granted in this version it is pretty low quality and slightly pitched up more than usual (gotta save space for the game on those playstation discs :wink: ).

But yea, since I can’t recall any exact songs that feature this sample and whosampled doesn’t have a whole lot of information about Soichi Terada (the artist who wrote this piece) but I figure the sample itself is popular enough to be recognized.

TY for the assistance

Edit: Here’s another example


It’s probably either a synth sound or a preset from some Roland hardware Terada would connect to a keyboard, you know, the old school way :slight_smile: Look up with what gear he made that soundtrack and you may find the answer!

On a side note, as weird as it may sound, Ape Escape OST is one of my all time favorite jungle records! It’s cheesy, obviously developed towards young audience and very poorly sounding but all that somehow makes it a better listening experience, it’s unique, creative, so fun to listen to. It fits the game well and the game is a gem as well!