I'm Having A Strange Problem With Ik Multi Stealth Plug


On os x 10.4.11, Renoise 2.1, and the new beta, do not wish to see Ik Multi Stealth Plug. I wanted to use the Record function on the Renoise Instrument, to sample guitar playing. Currently, I’m stuck using both Live and Renoise.

Any ideas?


Is it an AU plugin or a VST and is it Universal binary or PPC?

Actually, its an audio card, and I was wondering if Renoise might see it somehow…


It should show up as an input, I reckon, but it doesn’t. In the preferences, and all.

well, if it’s stealth how could Renoise see it :P

sorry, couldn’t resist

Can you select it as an output?
I notice the plug has an output as well… If it sees it as an output, there might be something you might still be able to tweak in the driver configuration. If it does not sees it at all the driver needs some analyze how it annouces itself.

Also, it seems the plug gets delivered with ASIO and core audio drivers, are they both autmatically alive or do you have to configure which mode to use in the driver config as well?


I have no idea how to do that. Can you help me guess?


I thought it would just use core audio automatically. Wouldn’t it?

I think the manual of the product is the better option, but if it works in Live, perhaps something in Renoise is lacking to see the full device (or the driver is broadcasting its inputs differently which Renoise is not picking up).
Do you have another soundcard in the system? and is it possible to disable it?

Yes, sorry, i have no idea why i keep thinking that MacOSX has “ASIO” driver support :P
(One of these days i’ll probably end up with a Mac simply to be able to test things better)


Ok, not much in the manual. I’ll email IK. Maybe its a bug? Difficult problem? Yep, I’ve got another audio card, NI’s Audio 2 Dj, I love listening through it. I guess my set up is a little spartan. But its portable, easy, I like it…



2 daze j:
What do you exactly see in Renoises Audio Preferences, which devices can you choose from. What do you see in Ableton?

We don’t support mono devices (only stereos or multi channels) though, so this might be the reason why its not listed.

And you can always built up your own aggregate devices on OSX (see http://www.apple.com/pro/techniques/aggregateaudio/)) to bundle your real soundcard and this stealth thing into one device. This should do the trick.

No taktik, making an aggregated device does not work, thank you anyway!


Not to worry, Stealth Plug was a bet, and it has turned out to be a loss. Its too expensive to upgrade the software that comes with StealthPlug anyways, I am not 100% happy with Amplitube. It is still good for practice, but I will find a better way!