I'M In A Band!

Nothing interesting really, but I wanted to tell someone and what other place than my favourite forum? I realised a childhood dream: I’m in a blues band! And I’m the vocalist! LOL & YAY!

can i have your breaks? like these breaks :drummer:

well done, hope we’ll still be hearing a vivace output… also are you recording into renoise? most important question obviously… ^_^

Cool! :D Let us hear some music!

I just watched this movie “Blues Brothers” a couple of days ago… So I think it must be fun to play in a blues band :D

Haha, don’t worry, you won’t find me in a nu-metal or surfband ;) There aren’t any recordings yet (at least not worth mentioning), though all auditions were recorded. To be honest, it’s not a very good band, nothing too serious, no guitar heroes and there is no drummer, just a percussionist. It’s mostly about the sonic energy of blues and the lyrics. This won’t have any effect on Vivace, except the output will go even slower now, but I could never give up producing music! We did some jamming this weekend and it was a lot of fun :) I auditioned because I wanted to introduce the band with my melodica-playing, but they were familiar with my writing and they wanted me on the mic instead. :P

All I wanna say is: don’t expect too much, I’m far from being a singer, but on good days with lots of vodka, I sound like Tom Waits doing a Bob Dylan song in Dutch. :P

I guess in France, people actually BLOW on a joint instead of inhaling? ;)

If you ever come to England/London…you have a drummer at your service. -_-

Only if the flame lights my spliff. ;)

You’re on the road to funk. Blues -> Rhythm & Blues -> F0nk. So next you’ll be singing duets with Aretha Franklin and quite soon after whipping tambourine with the J.B.'s.

Recordings plz.