I'm looking for a download program for music mp3 mp4

I have a question is there a good program for your pc mp3 or mp4 music or video to download for free, i mix a lot, also make it dolby surround, effects. if anyone knows a program can you give the name of the program, friendly thanks

  1. Audacity
  2. Wavosaur

i have watched the programs but i can’t find it easy to download from youtube, you can do that via my mobile with videorder but then the file is too big to send to my outlouk from my pc, with sending and sharing does he suddenly doesn’t anymore, I don’t know where the error lies. is it possible to search for the program Audacity on youtube and then click on it to download?

Let me get this right.You want to download videos from youtube or just the audio?If you google youtube to mp3 or youtube to mp4 you will get a bunch of sites that do it.Here is one that does it all,mp3 and mp4

You never said that you want to download something from Youtube.

If you want to download mp3 or mp4 or whatever from Youtube use this:

Click on the blue box to select the desired format and click on the red box to execute the conversion.

No download required, you can work online.
As @stoiximan already wrote, there are a lot of programs like this.

Or better youtube-dl: youtube-dl: Download Page
Jdownloader also can extract m4a / mp3 / ogg / vorbis streams from a video stream, it seems…

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