I'm Looking For A Specific Break...


I’d like to create a song especially for live in Renoise and i’m wondering how to deal with the “drums”. I know i’m gonna use the amen break, but I’d like more. I’m looking for something i’ve heard in a lot of songs, and i think is a break but I’m not sure. I’m not even sure that it’s always the same break.

Anyway, if you have a few minutes, you can listen the two songs in the following links and then you will be able to tell me what you think.

These are two Squarepusher songs (he uses this break a lot) and i’ll ask you to focus on the snare (because that’s the snare i’m looking for) :

Boneville Occident

Heliacal Torch >> The snare is coming at 0:12.

The two snare sounds are a bit different but I think the recording is similar, and then processed in two different ways.

Some reasons make me think that this snare is taken from the tramen break but as I don’t really know how tramen sounds, i’m not sure.

What do you think ?

(By the way if someone know where I can find a clean (with no FX) version of the tramen break i’d be very happy !)

boneville occident is using Think:


-there is also something else in it, that is somewhat indiscernable.

and helical torch is using helicopter/sesesame street:


also, for the tramen,



there ia a whole bunch of them, I’m sure you want the earliest trace/dillinja version, I have it somewhere?

yep that’s it!

whoops, wait a sec Bantai, isn’t it:
Jimmy McGriff - The worm?


Thanks for the links.

So I was completely wrong with tramen.

But how did you know that ? Did you find it on a website or something ?

You probably could find them from websites. I would imagine there could be sites with a section devoted to Squarepusher for just this topic. rolldabeats has a sample index, but from what I recall it’s mainly everything one used in a tune.

from downloading massive amounts of oldschool breaks sampled from cd and vinyl years ago + google to help me remember the names so i know what to search for on my hardrive. A lot of my breaks have the band or persons name on them. so it was really quick to summon a YT vid.
if you find a repository/pub using something like wget is great for this.

short answer is time spent listening to them.

one of the good ones was Bourbon Breaks, i think it may be gone now but the mirrors exist:

This website is where I got all mine from.
It is a bit old though.

Jungle breaks

This is amazing. Two minutes with Think and I found a kick of Jungleman, and of course, Come On My Selector.

With other samples : Amen Andrews/Luke Vibert, Modeselektor, …

Who’s next ?

The funny fact in this story is that I have to take two more exams tomorrow. I had two today and one yesterday.

Such a time to discover these breaks… I’ll wait for the results before to thank you once more. ;)

there is a better version of the tramen named something to the idea of rs-tramen. it’s heavier and overall much better, widely used in newer school DNB, some tearout and some hard jungle. not exactly sure if it’s the one on this page but it’s very likely: