I'M Looking For Hi-Hat And Rides Sample Packs

today i wanted to make a little techno, but noticed that i haven’t got proper hi-hats and rides except for the ones renoise offers.

can anyone lead me to a good hi-hat and rides archive? thanks! :)


sample or synthesize your own.

have a look here

Thanks. That was great! Any more? :)

Well, that wasn’t very helpful…

Freebies from Goldbaby:

If you like those at all, the paid Goldbaby packs are ridiculously cheap for the quality and vast amount of samples you get.

When Alien Drum Robots Attack is a great place to start once you’ve exhausted the freebies.

Sorry m8, probably a grumpy day…I have to accept the internets has killed sampling. Not that I don’t use the odd sample pack myself, but the most fun is grabbing your own shit imo.

From the aforementioned kb6 site I recommend the ensoniq and akai machines for large and nice assortments of hats. I am very partial to ensoniq, though, and your mileage may vary…