I'm Standing In A Ray Of Bright White Light..

Well, here it is, my 1000th post.
It has taken me almost 4 years but I always knew this day would come.
I want to thank everybody on the Renoise crew for making this incredible program possible and all the board users for being so nice to each other.
On to the next 1000!


welcome to the club td6d! expect to get the assumption you know everything about Renoise and newbies setting up campsites in front of your house and sending you love-letters. a nice box of ripe oranges helps a lot with getting rid of them. just learn how to throw them properly while shouting ‘i do not know shit, i just made a thousand forumposts because i have no life and that is it! go away!’ and you’ll be fine.

Haha, thanks man. I see you managed to get the ‘next’ 1000 within a few months. C’est incroyable!

Congrats! :D

If I keep this up, I’ll know everything about Renoise by the year 2018.

Thank you, thank you! You’re more hardcore than me since I only started making computermjoozique in 2007, you’re way ahead of me. :lol:

which just means i have even less of a life than you do :)

Lighten up man, you have dogs!

…and a wife!