I'm still in love with Redux and wrote a little homage ...

Ok, this review is in German … http://noisetoys.tumblr.com/post/155897735948/renoise-redux-ist-dies-jetzt-endlich-der-beste

Eine Tasse Ingwertee kochen und einen verregneten Samstagnachmittag mit Redux vor dem Laptop verbringen. Ich wette, das wird ein lustiger Tag.

LOL - did you also just get hit by the flu? Then indeed a rainy afternoon in the company of Redux might not be such a bad idea :slight_smile:

Very nice review. And to me, a good exercise for my German reading skills.

:smiley: Thanx.

I just wanted to say, that everyone is super busy these days and that you need a few quiet hours to investigate every nuance of this nice Sampler/Sequencer. And in my opinion, Ingwertee is nice to calm down :slight_smile: