I'm Taking A Break.

Hey all, nothing personal but I am taking a break from the Renoise community until 2009.

Logging in one last time until the new year to post something (other than this thread).

If you need to contact me, check the sig.



… This better not be my fault :(

Guess we all get our addictions that we need to cool off from time to time. ;)

Have some nice holidays Conner.
See you at the end of the year.

sad to hear,but have a nice holiday,hopefully see you back here in 2009


Heh, this means it’s open season for anti mac, php and canada threads.

also: have an amazing holiday!

oh he’s found the Med Sound Studio forum as well!

See y’all there!

I’ll doubt MED has anything decent to offer in contrast to how far even Milkytracker is.

Have a good one sir and see you next year

Personal reasons (mostly work) have settled down. So has my desire to rage. I’m back before 2009.

Go go gadget willpower.

will then the newschoolers feel the need for a “newschool members of the renoise board” board?

and after some time, will a “oldschool members of ‘newschool members of the renoise board’ board” board suddenly appear?

Welcome back Connor! Co-op?

It’s called the production Wiki that Foo? is working on?

Yeah, let’s get this going. Do you have iChat/AIM or GTalk (or MSN?)

I’m gonna install MSN again soon, so MSN :)

Well, MSN is my most hated of all protocols. File transfers suck. But it’s also the most popular. I use Adium:


Try getting an AIM screen name which is compatible with iChat? Ichat is already installed on your Mac.

yay conner_bw’s back

Some forums have a ‘pub’ where only old members can go and behave badly. I say we just behave badly in front of everyone. :D

Adium ftw!

I hope to see you again soon after the new year. I hope life treats you well.