I'm Thinking Of Moving From Xp To Os X 10

My current xp laptop is running pretty damn slow at the moment soundcard is going and keep getting clicky noises from it and it takes hours to boot up, doing a music tech degree I am also working with other programs like Cubase and Pro Tools so am really considering purchasing a Mac (get some student discount on them also) either considering getting an IMac 2.8Ghz duo core and also adding an other monitor to that, or a 2.4ghz duo MacBook what do you guys think? any people use Macs here and what do they think?

I recently switched from XP to OSX and despite the Windows Inquisition, it was a pretty damn nice choice ;)

Go for it!

Things to note.

  • Don’t expect a miracle. It’s an OS like the others, with it’s own idiosyncrasies.

  • There’s a learning curve, not steep, but you’ll have to learn a few non-Windows concepts and shortcuts to be productive

  • Less plug-ins. The mantra here is “Quality over quantity” but it’s not true, it’s just less of them

Keystrokes to learn:

F9 - Show windows for all apps
F10 - Show windows for one app
F11 - Show desktop
CMD + TAB - Switch between different applications
CMD + ` - Switch between windows of the same application
CMD + W - Close window
CMD + N - New window
CMD + I - Get file info

There’s a bunch more, but those are enough to get started:

Also, maybe a boring read, but the filesystem hierarchy should be respected. There are differences between /Library/ and ~/Library. Plug-ins should go in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins and not “wherever you feel like it”, etc. If you don’t want to read then the tip is to use what is provided. Don’t save anything outside your home directory i.e. /Users/yourname/ or the abbreviated ~ symbol which means the same thing :

cheers guys really helpful info i really want to save up for the entry level macbook pro and put 4 gig ram in it seems like a really nice machine. thanks for the help :)

One more:

When you drag a file and hover it over a directory without letting go of the mouse button, the directory opens for you. Rinse and repeat for subdirectories. This tip in conjunction with “Column View” is gold. It works with other views too.

I had been using OS X for a year before I saw someone else do this and I was like, FUCK, are you serious?! The finder became less suck after that.

Furthermore, move a file is drag and drop. Copy a file is drag + [OPTION/ALT] drop.

What I really found is that getting used to live in Windows, you are actually limited when you change to Mac OS X. At first you don’t know that you can do some things in Mac OS X that you didn’t dare to think it was possible in Windows.

Of course, you have another kind of drawbacks, like the lack of some VST or another software, but after all, I am happy with Mac OS X.

On the daily:


Expect a more fast system.

Expect to forgot what is a virus and what is a spyware

If you like XP you can use it under your mac using Parallel or VMWare.

I went to mac when Apple bought E-magic, and I immediately loved it…

Remember to check out FXPansion VST to AU wrapper. I have heard it does pretty good job, for a wrapper.