Imac Or Mac Notebook

hello folks,

i want to change my studio-setup and throw out my windows-pc. so i came to the idea to buy a mac-computer. i´m not sure about deciding for an imac or an apple-notebook. and in general, i don´t know anything about vst-plug in compatibility (freeware-plugs). has anyone experience with an mac-setup studio?

thank you!

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Yes… I prefer my PC. I am currently using my plain white Macbook to post this, it is a great little laptop, but I just find a lot of things on the mac to be really awkward.
If you do get a mac, my advise would be don’t get a magic mouse if you want to use renoise, it is hell.

And you can check out kvraudio which is good for seeing what you can get for the mac. The expensive stuff is generally cross platform, but concerning freeware, there is certainly a lot less (though still some good stuff). No synth1 or oatmeal. Nor can I use my favourite sequencer Zynewave Podium.

Do you wan’t to perform live with it? --> macbook
Do you only want to produce at home? --> Imac

It’s both top notch! but offcourse there are also a lot of people that would still like to recommend a pc ;)
(questions about a mac often cause flame wars)
You will miss a few freeware pluggins but you get to know your few freeware pluggins better.
This will only help you to NOT be a preset whore ;) and experiment!

I use a macbook. I am using it for 3 years now. I toured with it through whole Europe and I use it in my studio and never had any problems with it :D
Personally I think an imac is more something for your girlfriend :P
If you really want balls of steel get the macpro :D

This is your first OSX machine? You will hit snags. It’s not the same as Windows (Unless you partition the machine and run windows on it, of course.)

There are far less plugins on OSX than on Windows, but there are still hundreds of them. The issue is maintenance. A lot of old plugins were built for PPC chips, then Mac went Intel, then they deprecated PPC in their own OS (Snow Leopard) and a lot of freebies stopped working because the maintainers couldn’t be bothered to keep up to date with this aggressive technology shift. The plugins you pay for, however, it’s a different story. They at least have some motivation to keep stuff working. There are also a few OSX only plugins that are cool. Such as all the free AudioUnits that come with garageband and Automat1, for example.

Anyway, it’s a computer, don’t expect a miracle. Just a computer with a different operating system and a different way of working. I’ve been on Mac since like 2003 and have no regrets.

i just wanted to use the mac for producing at home. but the reason for a mac is a little bit more sentimental. i have been a proud AMIGA-user for several years (from the age of 13 till 21) starting with the good old protracker and octamed soundstudio later. and the mac, all of it reminds me a bit of the amiga, ya know?

thank you for the tip with the kvr-site, i´m using in my tracks not so many plugins (old sample-maniac), but i got some that i really ADORE (freeware)!!!

thanks for your patience!

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does renoise run on the snow leopard OS? in the download section there is just something about MAC OS…excuse me for my dumbness, but i will be in mac when i HAVE an mac… :rolleyes:

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Yes, Renoise works on Snow Leopard very well.