Immitating Shuffle With Delay Commands?

I really want to shuffle up my hi-hats, is there some sort of way I can imitate a 30% shuffle using delay commands or something?

I was thinking If I set the track delay in the mixer window to be -25ms or something, I could then use the delay to compensate and make it shuffleup…

My brain is insane today…

It works perfect for say, shakers, to make them hit perfectly on the beat, but it’s rather easy to work out the time needed for that… what you intend is possible too, I’m pretty sure, but I guess it’s more like calculator stuff.

Why don’t you just try it out? :D

I’ve been experimenting but so far no luck…

I need a mathmatician! ;D

Tweak it until it sounds groovy. There is no math for a great feeling. At least none which always works

Here is a very very simple example which also shows how to automate (turn on/off) groove settings…

You wanted to do it without using the groove settings?

There is a tutorial song in the Demo Songs folder that uses delay commands to shuffle the hihats. It is the one for retrigger & delay.

When you use 0dxx command, xx is the number of ticks to delay the note. It ranges from 0 to your song speed. Just pick a speed that is divisible by 3 and you should be able to delay the notes by 30%
That’s the theory at least, I just fiddle until it sounds right.

Also you can use another method: change the speed of the song while it’s playing. You can find an example in my tune ChipMunk here:

Just look at the master track to see how it’s done.

Thanks, The third pattern is basically what I’ve been doing so far… I didn’t know you could automate shuffle on and off… that will be useful for something i’m sure :)