[impl] Instrument comments

This is something really simple that might even already be planned and just not implemented yet (unless I missed it which is possible) but thought I’d mention it. R2 instruments were simple enough, you just play them. R3 instruments are vastly more complex, with macros, effects chains, phrases, and (my favorite thing about R3) envelope chains. It would be nice to be able to add comments to them so if you pass an instrument off to someone they can figure out how the hell it works, or if you’re like me and sometimes can’t remember what it is you did yourself it’s nice to leave notes to yourself.

definitely makes sense

Yes - Instrument comments, along with tagging and other meta-info are a planned feature in Renoise 3

Will eventually be implemented during the beta stage :slight_smile:

Cool! I kind of figured that was probably the case.

Channel comments would be useful for me, but any place to write things like settings etc would be good