[implemented]: add automation hooks to instrument modulation devices

I’ve got a pitch lfo on my noodly lead synth, which is giving me vibrato. I am able to turn this on and off with a midi controller (currently using a pedal).

Other things I have midi-mapped are recorded when I record myself playing, but the pitch lfo amplitude is not. I made a short video to illustrate:

Note the gloriousness of the terrible synth lead in this horrible house track*… how amazing that synth sounds with the pitch lfo automation and how dumb it sounds without it.

*forgive me, I was just messing around with the new interface.

Please let me record that automation!

This is what the Instr. Macro device is designed for -
Simply assign the vibrato to a macro, and then tweak/automate that parameter to your heart’s content

Holy shit!

I didn’t understand what the instrument macros did until now! Problem solved!