Import/export MIDI mappings

Is this feature on the menu? I don’t want to re-assign 96(!) knobs and faders for a song. I already assigned a bunch of them and saved them as a template song, but that was after I made a lot of .xrns files.

I guess it could be done manually by copying & pasting lines inside the .xml file, but that would be a bit tedious.

This should really be done inside Renoise imo.

What do you say devs?


A copy and paste using Microsoft’s XML editor doesn’t work, Renoise says the file is corrupt.

I pasted -> into Song.xml and saved. Re-Rar’d the file but no donuts.


Ok, the culprit was WinRAR, it messed up the xrns file when compressing, I used WinZip and the copy+paste works now.

Still, kind of “messy”.

I guess you’re unaware that this is built into Renoise -

try opening the MIDI mapping dialog (CMD/CTRL+M) and look for the “load” and “save” buttons…?

So you would open your template song, save these mappings to a file and apply them (load) as needed.

D’oh! And to think I recently read the whole manual and saved some midi mappings only a month ago … I’m like a mad professor without the professor bit. :slight_smile: