Import MIDI and its dls sample

(RyanBram) #1

I am new here.

When I try to import MIDI file, by drag and drop, Renoise will automatically put it into its pattern. But when saving as xrns format, no sample are imported.

Is there a way to render MIDI instrument to sample, so the xrns can contains sample?

Thanks for any help.

(danoise) #2

Just because you can hear sound after dropping a MIDI file onto Renoise, it doesn’t necessarily mean the sound is created by Renoise.

Any of the following things may be true:

  1. MIDI - Instrument are routed to a MIDI synth, such as the built-in one in Windows, OSX etc - or external hardware (you didn’t mention this)

  2. Plugin - Instrument are using a plugin to generate sound

  3. Sample - Instrument are native Renoise sample-based ones

You can check it yourself - select one of the instruments in the song (instrument list) and check what the MIDI/Plugin/Sample tabs reveal?

If you’re using plugins, you can render them to samples and thus, keep them bound to the song itself, and edit them in any way you like.

(RyanBram) #3

Hi, Danoise.
Thanks you very much for your reply.

So it means that currently Renoise doesn’t has feature to automatically put sample into imported MIDI, isn’t it? Then I need to put sample to instrument slot manually.