Import Of Smf Files.

Are SMF (*.mid) type 0 or 1, or MED files easy to convert to XM? I’ve tried several utilities with no success. I want to be able to load my tracks created in OctaMED and remix / improve some.
I did manage to import a .mod file, but all the MIDI data and controller sequences are lost and so were a few notes / pitches etc.

next version of Renoise should have SMF import.

So you might just wait some weeks (months?) till the beta is around.

That’s a nice tune to my ears!

For that, I’ll be grateful, although with the import of med files, it would be loads easier as note off’s etc are set up differently, and timing becomes a problem with SMF.

I am surprised there isn’t already a function to do this as renoise’s layout is so similar to OctaMED’s. Surely it would just mean conversion of the right numbers? Any chance of this happening at all, as it’s a lot of work, even to sort out controller data throughout the song?

No offense, but I really hope MIDI in/out will be implemented before this.

Download a copy of ModPlug Tracker so you can convert .MID and .MED files to .XM. and bring the .XM files into Renoise.

.MED is a very close file to .XM because its a tracker format, so everything should sound perfect.

.MID is a little different, it doesn’t have samples, so once you convert the file an .XM, you’ll have to change the instruments to instruments that you like.

MED also has support for MIDI notes. And in some regards it’s more complex than XM. So no, they are not very close and a conversion won’t sound perfect…

So what filetypes does renoise import that fully support midi (apart from *.rns)?

Renoise supports the loading of:
XM, MOD, IT (and it’s own format RNS, and the beta version NTK 3.22)

Now with MED, I finally downloaded it and checked it out.

There are two or three types of MED files.

  1. Amiga Octamed (Modplug tracker can play/convert these)
  2. Windows MedSound (Modplug tracker can not open or convert these)

but even if you can ‘save down’ your MED file to an XM, then you’ll do a lot better by using the effects and features in Renoise.

But as mentioned above, Renoise 1.5 will import MIDI files.
I urge everybody here who have MIDI files to import to try
it during the upcoming beta stages (as usual, I have no exact date).
The MIDI and RNS formats are very different, and debugging
for all kind of MIDI files is impossible, so testing with some
real life files will be priceless.

How are you going to do the MIDI file import (with what samples?) ?

With Modplug tracker, I think it used the samples in file called GM.DLS (DLS is microsofts’ version of soundfonts) which is located in the windows directory, so if you imported a MIDI file then 001 would be the sample of a grand piano and if you saved the .IT file, it would save itcomplete with samples and everything. You can download the modplug tracker source code for free. (on sourceforge I think)

I don’t know, I can’t wait to check out the next version!

With no samples. It can optionally set up midi instruments on your
device of choice, or keep the instruments empty. The point is to get
the notes into Renoise for further editing, not to create a MIDI file player.

So there’ll be no MIDI export?

  1. lets say on track 10 of the .MID, there is a drum-kit. So I doesn’t have a separate sample for the drum, and snare, its just one instrument.

Argh! Sorry :( Pressed Edit instead of Quote…

  1. lets say on track 10 of the .MID, there is a drum-kit. So I doesn’t have
    a separate sample for the drum, and snare, its just one instrument.

Good thing you said that, I should add some kind of optional
mapping of MIDI notes to different Renoise instruments.

As soon as the beta’s are around, I’ll give it a good testing. Hope to post with results soon B)

And with the implemetation, will it be likely to convert the 3xxx commands in OctaMED (for midi controllers)? The majority of my tracks have constant changes using them, and it’d be a real painstaking effort to have to put those in again. ;)

Quite interesting to see a simple yes/no question like this get ignored, when whining guest posts get detailed replies.

No, there will be no export. If I remember it correctly it was planned from the start but dropped later on…

But only for 1.5 (and maybe some followings), right?
Or won’t we ever be able to export MIDI files?
I’m asking this because sometimes you’d like to work with friends who can’t use a tracker (which is sad but true).
If I can’t export my song as a MIDI-file, it’ll be hard exchanging my work with non-trackers.
However, there is a way to get around it, e.g. recording the song with a MIDI-sequencer using Hubi’s Loopback. But certainly it’s much easier for the user to press a ‘save as midi’ button.
Anyways, I don’t feel that it’s urgent, I’d just be happy to see somewhen a version with MIDI-export.

But only for 1.5 (and maybe some followings), right?

Yes, 1.5 is the only release we currently have plans to
not include midi export in :rolleyes:

I agree it’s a feature we should have, for completeness as
a music program. It just hasn’t made it to this release.


Thank you! :)