Import Renoise-Project Audio Stems into Ableton

Is it possible to import a Renoise project into Ableton?

A friend of mine wants to work in Ableton mainly on the sound of my finished Renoise songs.

Is the best way to render all single tracks of a song separately to wav and then import all the wav’s into ableton?

Or is there a another/better way?

I read about Rewire master/slave things but did not understand. and it sounds a bit like something different?

Thanks for any answers already.

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  1. Render audio as separate tracks (as stems) and import in Live if you want only to mix and edit minor things
  2. Use rewire if you want to use Renoise to rewire output from Renoise to Live or vice-versa, for mix, sounds, effects etc in realtime
    Hope this helps

Thanks! :slight_smile:

just when you want to render stems (separate tracks), make sure to check the button 34%20PM
“Save each track into separate file”

  • if you had doubts :slight_smile:

I feel kind of late :slight_smile:

Yet, I can’t figure out yet how to properly import Renoise projects in Ableton.

I repeatedly rendered Renoise songs to disk, each track separately and voilà!

I import the stems into Ableton… and they are absolutely out of synch, no matter if I disable the “warp” option.

The most evident thing is that the imported audio files are’nt the same lenght, but I can’t manage to make all the tracks to be in synch with each other…

Does anybody experience the same issue?

Thanks in advance to anyone able to help me with this,



try this: The Deliverer | Renoise

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Thanks Mate… in the meanwhile, I imported the same Renoise rendered stems in Audacity out of desperation… it works!

So the problem is with Ableton apparently… does anybody have an explanation/solution?

Thanks :wink:

are you auto warping ?

1. Go to Options (at the top of your Ableton project.)

2. Open Ableton’s Preferences.

3. Select the Record/Warp/Launch tab.

4. Disable the button marked ‘Auto-Warp Long Samples’

5. Close Preferences and start importing audio to Satellite Sessions!

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Thank you my friend, I’ll try and follow your advice… never heard about Satellite but I’ll definitely give it a try!

I just unchecked the “Auto-Warp Long Samples” option… it works… thank you SO much!

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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You can export your midi including vsti automation to ableton using this tool:

The tool will export midi pitchbend, aftertouch, automation of the first found automation device per track and some other stuff afaik.

Then you can export your vsti / vst presets as .vstpreset/.fxp or within the preset manager of the plugin. It’s quite a bit of work.

Bitwig is working on the .dawproject opensource file format. Once it is finished, one could write an export/import tool for Renoise. I wonder if Ableton will support .dawproject, too…

EDIT: Oops, sorry, didn’t read that this question was about audio stems.

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no problem dude. we’re here to help each other!

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well, it may turn out useful to someone else right now, or to me in the next future :slight_smile: