Import Renoise Project into Current File

Is there a way to import pieces or an external Renoise song file into an open Renoise song file? I have a sequence from another file I’d like to add to the song I’m working on. Is there an easy way of doing this that I haven’t discoverd?

Just copy and paste it :wink:

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Ha! I was looking for a method that didn’t have me closing one file, opening another, etc. If this is the only way though… C’est la vie! :wink:

If its just a single instrument sequence, you could save it as a phrase. (Make a selection of the section you want to make a phrase, Right-Click, Selection, Create Phrase.)

If you just want audio, you could render that sequence as audio and pull it into the other project.

Or just copy and paste. A few options :wink:

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Thanks all!

You can run two instances of Renoise side-by-side (on macos by duplicating and then running both), which will be much, much more convenient for copy-pasting elements from one song to another. I place each Renoise on one virtual desktop/space.

@ffx, that’s a fantastic solution! Thanks for this.

Oh sorry, this is what I originally meant.

Ha! No worries. Thank you.

BTW. on macos Renoise there sometimes is a small bug regarding copy-paste cross-instance: Often you have to “copy” twice before it actually will be copied. If you actively focus the area from where you copy from, it seems to work then at first try. I reported this some years ago, but I guess taktik/dblue didn’t understand what I mean. Could be a bug caused by macos maybe, too.

That’s good to know. Thanks for the tip!