Import Skm Files (from Skale Tracker)

I just purchased renoise after using the demo for about 12 months. I first started back on the amiga w/ protracker, then fasttracker, a bit of impulse tracker, octamed, madtracker, skaletracker and i finally feel as at home as i did with fasttracker now with renoise!!!

only one problem…
I’m finding myself really wishing I could open skm files into renoise. looks like i’m going to have a few long hours of opening skm files and resaving as xm files ahead of me.

I used Skale Tracker for a long time and when I want to import Skm files into Renoise i save them as xm in Skale. As far as I know the only thing that’s lost in the conversion is the Skm mixer settings.

the mixer settings are quite vital for skm files… I would love to see an skm to xrns conversion, too
though it’s not as vital as the mixer settings for an skm file. I already sayd farewell to all my old
skale music a long time ago. still glad I linched, burned and buried them like the cesspools they were.

I think the only problem is, Baktery (the programmer of Skale) does not give any information about the structure of a SKM file.

we had recently a long discussion on this thread about importing MadTracker files.

Resuming the contents: the Renoise developing team is not willing to work on importing other formats. Also, SKM format is far less popular than MT2. Honestly, Skale development has been inactive for so much years that users who have not already switched to a new program are so few that the importing work, which would also be very hard without SKM file format specification, would be valueless.

I acknowledge that this will make you unhappy, but we prefer to be clear about this topic.

Offcourse it’s sometimes vital but not impossible to recreate. I have loads of old “one-pattern” Skm files that I would love to import into Renoise to finish. But atm I have to do what’s possible and as I has said before: limitations breed creativity. Everytime I’ve imported and started working on an unfinished old Skm song I have managed to come up with that special something that was missing thanks to Renoise but the mixer settings is not the major problem from my point of view.

Oh, i have no metric as to how widely used skale tracker is/was, and i’d much rather the primary dev team focus on the more innovative progressions, for sure!

I remember people used to write their own mod2mid.bat files and the like… just was curious if somebody else had written something.

thanks for posting the replies, if anything it shows there is -some- interest in the topic.