Import Various Sampler Formats

Hello Renoise Users and Devs,

Now we have velocity layers, which is very cool and much appreciated btw, is their any plans to implement importing of some popular sampler formats? Perhaps licensing issues will prevent this for some of the choices available. I’ve got a pile of CDs with such resources, and it’d be mighty useful to convert them to .xrni for compositions. I am not sure what ones would be best to go for first if this was a go-er.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Electric Ungulate

Great idea, would use this for sure.

I suspect that pointing this enquiry to the developer of Extreme sample converter may be way more useful
That already supports XRNI and i would suspect he would have no issue updating the spec for EXSC v4, then you would have a whole bunch of converters ;)

Good idea but so obviously not really a 2.7 suggestion!

As Bungle points out third party solutions for converting to the new xrni would also be just as valid. Although may be problems with cross-compatibility (eg people wanting to do so and using Linux.)

Bungle - Will defo need to check out this extreme sample converter! Cheers!

As Kazakore mentioned - could be cool to consider implementation for sometime in the future, that way our linux brethren can enjoy!



I had a play around with something like this as a Renoise Tool for 2.6 here.

However, progress was slow due to the lack of keygroups in Renoise and lack of file format specifications.

Now that 2.7’s sampler looks to be much improved (I’ll have a look at the weekend) and I have a couple of file specifications available this is probably something I will have another look at.

The method of importin rx2 and rex files, will be interesting to see in the future…

Great idea - an overall convertor (if such is possible to easily code) would be an awesome add on, and it will reduce the learning curve of the software.


I love the rex format!


It’d be nutty to be able to export a Renoise multivelocity instrument as an EXS24 ;)


At Puremagnetik we are looking for a way to convert our catalog for Renoise’s new 2.7 features. EXS24 is still the most widely used standard for conversion, mainly because it has the “meat and potatoes” of software sampling without too many “bells & whistles” (mmmm… meat, potatoes, bells & whistles)…

If anyone would be interested in developing a conversion tool (either for us privately or for the community) please PM me. We have some simple stuff and also more complex libraries with multiple groupings, modulation routings etc. that would have to translate correctly.

why re-invent the wheel? +1 for Extreme Sample Converter
I’ve been plugging this app on these forums for some time now… It’s much more than simply a converter. You can do all your keygroupings/velocity zoning, loop points and sample mapping from within ESC. You can render VSTi program banks to sample banks. It’s rock solid stable but it only runs on windows.

If anyone has heard anything from extranslator regarding covering the new XRNI features it’d be great to hear about it… I’ve bugged them twice since the 2.7 beta was released and haven’t gotten word back. The app is still in development with a version 4 on the horizon and recent news updates to the site, so it is indeed an active project.

Obviously a major missing feature of ESC is that it converts to XRNI 1.0, with no velocity zones.

REX/ REX2 wouldn’t be much of a problem, it’s under the same license as ReWire as far as I know. No license fees, the devs just need to sign an NDA. Or they could look into the converter I hacked together a while ago, I posted the sourcecode after all. I never got it to work on Windows, but tactic actually knows what he’s doing.

And don’t forget SFZ!